How to Choose LED Strip Light

How to choose LED Strip Light? #LED #Striplight we can find now almost everywhere - in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. This is due to an increase in efficiency, color options, brightness, and ease of installation. A homeowner can now design like a lighting professional with our #FSL or T&M Strip light in an hour or two. But not all people know how to choose strip light that will fit their needs. We will help you with it. First you need to know where it will be installed and what will you be lighting (which materials). Second – what color do you need and #dimmable or not. Third - are there other lights in the area and what color are they. It was a #design part. Now let’s go on with #technical. a) We are all accustomed to using #watts to measure the #brightness of #light. Today, we use #lumen (#brightness). It is the most important variable you need to pay attention choosing LED strip light. b) Color - as you all already know – there are three types of color (3000K, 4000K, 6500K) So which color should you choose it depends on you and what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your house. 3000-4000K – will be great for warm and relaxing atmosphere in your living/bed room or bathroom (where we spend most of our time). c) LED Strip size and number of LEDs on it Measure how many feet you need of LED strips before you start. This will make it easier to compare price (after quality is compared). Once you determine the number of feet on the reel being sold, look at how many LED chips are on the reel and the LED chip type. This can be used to compare LED strips between companies. You can leave this step if you are choosing FSL or T&M Strip light)))) To cut a long story short - if you are looking for a "set-and-forget" lighting system that can be used for years to come, that your LEDs last their intended lifespan, are safe around your home and business, and don't require extra maintenance costs to replace, you need to call +971 4 388 3508